We highly recommended to patients that are young or adult carers to inform us and register with Hillingdon Carers.

  • Why should you inform your GP and register with Hillingdon Carers? We understand how difficult it can be being a young/adult carer, combining studies and work. Being the main Carer can impact all aspect of a carers life. We would like to make sure our patients are fit to carry out their caring duties. When you register as a Carer we will provide flexible appointments & health checks to accommodate your needs when possible.
  • Hillingdon Carers is a national Network Partner of Carers Trust, an organisation that brings together carers services from across the UK. The national organisation produces a range of resources for carers, campaigns for carers’ rights on the national stage and facilitates shared learning across Network members. Being a Network member brings us many advantages, including access to grants, policy digests, support with collective challenges such as impact measurement and the opportunity to learn from other Carers’ Centres in the region.

Hillingdon Carers can offer:

  • Expert Welfare Benefit advice
  • Help with form-filling
  • Assistance in accessing care and support
  • Signposting and referral to other services
  • Representation to appeal benefits decisions and attendance at tribunal
  • Access to other grants and trusts for funding to help in difficult situations

For more information please visit where you will find all the services that Hillingdon carers is currently providing.

Please fill out and return the Carer Registration form and email to

Carers trust
hillingdon carers


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